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Back Stage with Author Rita Emmett

While discussing with Rita the popularity of the 
most recent blog
The discussion came up about the photo in the article.

                                                                        About Rita

In our Blogging world, 5 steps, 13 steps, 4 ways... We wanted to share what fun things can happen when working your “13 Easy Tips for Promoting Your Book ©”

This is a Back Stage Access to an hour of time spent by Rita exposing the kind of commitment she has to getting the job done. Her tenacity to succeed is evident in all that she does.

Why share this?
That’s a fair question.
Big picture thinking can land a wide variety of opportunities.
Speaking begins at libraries, schools, social clubs, grows to corporations, then Cruises, even Hawaii.
Yup, that’s what I said.

This coming Thursday Rita will leave for Honolulu where she will speak to orthodontists. All hotels and meals are covered by the client. The speaker before Rita is Captain Sullenberger, the pilot who landed the plane in the Hudson River.

This little ditty about the pursuit of getting a clear picture of the name of a boat is a good example of the type of person Rita is. She sees signs in everything; is a great motivator and just plain silly.

This is Rita’s tale of the photos,

We were getting on the ship for our cruise. Dad took my picture, we turned around and saw another ship in front of ours (over my right shoulder), and the word on it stunned us.

We both shouted, "We gotta take a picture of this for Dave."

So after a very early start to the day, waiting for and taking a long sweaty bus to the ship, waiting in long sweaty lines to get on board, we got to our cabin, tossed our stuff in, and headed out to take a photo for you.

Our cabin was on the 4th level, and all we had to do was get to the front of the ship to take the picture, but there are signs that say "No Entry." To add to the challenge, the doors are locked (we tried).

A guy says, "Try deck 3."

However, to get to the front of deck 3, we had to run to the middle of the ship, go down the stairs, then run to the front. Gotta hurry cuz the ship in front might leave any minute. Deck 3, blocked also.

Another crewmember says, "Try 9."
We asked if he would go into the locked door and take a picture for us, no he cannot.

We try 9, go down to 5, got sent to 8.
Each time, running to middle of this huge long ship (see pic) and back to the front.

FINALLY, on deck 11 (the very top deck) we got to the front to take the photo.
BUT the front of OUR boat was blocking part of the name.

So 3 days after hearing that SOLSTICE Publishing Co. will publish Dave's book -- out of all the ships in all the world -- the one ship we see is "Olstice".
Well, that's what YOU get to see.

What startled us and began the race to get a photo, was looking in front of our boat and seeing huge letters that spelled SOLSTICE.
So we took the pic, went to our room and collapsed and one minute later it was time for the MANDATORY life boat drill. LOL


"So our talks have taken us to many beautiful places and we've met some very cool people.
The last cruise/speaking engagement took us to Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt and Malta, and that was all free for both of us." Rita

Well it is true; here @ SlantedK 
we will share just about anything.
Gotta dream big, thanks for stopping in.
SlantedK contains a wide variety of topics,
the archives are calling ;^)

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