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When you have clutter and chaos in your workspace or your living space, you have clutter and chaos in your mind and in your heart. You can’t think clearly, and you don’t even know what you feel.

Having clutter isn’t a personality flaw or a character trait. It is simply a habit – and one that’s not hard to break.

It's true -- all that clutter discourages you, makes you feel like a disorganized loser, overwhelms you and sucks the energy out of the marrow of your bones.

Here's the good news: 

Clutter does NOT come from being lazy, messy
or disorganized.
It comes from 4 habits. Clutter appears when you:
- Save stuff you don't need or use
- Insist on bringing stuff into your life that you don't need or use
- Never assign places for stuff to belong
- Set stuff down planning to put it away later

So how to get started? Just a few attitude changes and some new
behaviors and you're on your way.

Examine and think about how those 4 habits fit in your life

Select one small spot to declutter. Not the whole closet, just a shelf or part of the floor. Not your whole desk. Just a drawer or corner of the desk. Not the whole car, just the front seat or floor.

Start asking yourself "Why do I hang on to this?" Really pay attention to your answers. If you keep it because it brings memories, realize that memories are in your mind and heart, NOT in that theater program or the sequined velvet Elvis pillow from Las Vegas.

Every single day, "process" three pieces of paper or clutter. By "process", we mean either put it where it belongs, or decide on a place for it to belong then put it there or (and this is the BEST decision of all) get rid of it.

Decide on a person or organization who will love and cherish your discarded stuff as much as you do. That will make it easy to get rid of stuff you don't need or use, without breaking your heart.

Set up a box or big plastic bag in a designated area. Then when anyone decides they can live without something, they can put it in there to be donated (or sold in a garage sale or on ebay).

Decide to treat yourself to The Clutter-Busting Handbook (it's short, inexpensive, fun and easy to read) or a CD on Conquering Clutter to reinforce all your attitude changes.

Go to and order a book or CD now to help you become
a great Clutter Buster.

Ask yourself again "Why am I keeping this?". Is it because maybe some day you or somebody might need it? But you KNOW if you or anyone needs it, you'll forget you had it OR if you remembered you had it, you can't find it. So get rid of it.

If it takes less than a minute, do it now. Put the paper back where it came from. Hang up that shirt. Put the cup in the dishwasher. Taking one minute to put the toothpaste back where it belongs & hang up the towel won't make you late for work, but will have a profound impact on your clutter.

OK - these are some ideas to get you started. You can adopt one or many of these suggestions, but decide NOW to make at least one change to help you start conquering all the clutter in your life.

You will be amazed how terrific, organized and energized you'll feel once your clutter starts to evaporate. Do it now!!

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       Rita Emmett is a "Recovering Procrastinator", a Professional Speaker, and best-selling author of The Procrastinator’s Handbook;  and The Clutter-Busting Handbook.
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Related Clutter Blog. Clutter Busting Habits

Rita is a Guest Author @ SlantedK

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