Friday, February 10, 2012

Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis is Not a Losing Battle pt4.

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Installment #4:
My goal is to inspire and inform, concerning this disease. Education is the way my wife Susan has made positive changes in her efforts to overcome. Thank You for following this series. DMK

Welcome and Happy Friday, eh.

I am changing it up today, I felt it is a good time to point Ya’ll to Patient and Caregiver Resources. Yup, a day off from my tales of RA.

Today I am going to direct you to two other individuals Sue and I have met in our battle with RA. During the trial, Sue made many friends, when I was included in the Advocate Program; I was privileged to meet Julie and Hal also. I must say I miss them. Need to go to Florida and say, hey, I guess.

Before the screams roll out about pushing a certain product, this is not the case. I have clearly stated previously and repeat now that each medication works different for each individual.

The actual medication you end up on, will be determined between you and your physician. 

Remember education is the key; I share that which I have personally experienced.

I hope you were encouraged by my friends.

If you follow this link Actemra, there are additional informational tools. 

Feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions, stories or anything -

Have an outstanding Weekend.

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Nothing but Love, eh J
Spreading the Word
View pt1  or pt2  and pt3 

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