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Got Writer's Block?

We All do, Eh!
By: DMK 
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DMK, Author of From the Ashes, Coming Soon from Solstice Publishing

The worst words to a writer are “Writer’s Block.” I spent four years on my first novel, I know now it was because it was my first novel. In the process, we find out what works, what does not, what a waste of time is and what actually helps us progress in a positive manner.

Is there an iron clad single answer to this mental and emotional block? No, however, there are techniques to continue being productive.

Most important, one must determine that W.B. can and will not develop into an excuse to be non-productive. Excuses grow into a full-blown case of procrastination. Before you know it, weeks have gone by.

Yeah, Dave, way to go captain obvious!

Ok, I know, but as a procrastinator, I share from personal experience. If my next novel takes four years, I will be looking for a new publisher. Personally, I do not care to begin that effort again.

To the point:

  • When you are writing, do not try to do it “all” while you get your thoughts down. (Edit, story-line, narration descriptions and so on.)
  • Got an idea? Just start typing, don’t think of any of the other stuff. Just type and get your thoughts down. If it is flowing, don’t impede your train of thought. You either will get too tired to continue or as it happens to me the river just stops. “W.B.” Save the document and close it.
  • Each time you do this, make it the end of the document, save it, and close it. (Just title the files in a manner to make sense, ie. Chapter1a, 1b... 
The reason is, when we start all the “other stuff” we have to do to our work, you will not have to search for where you left off.

“The other stuff,” once you begin doing it this way you will begin to stock piling files that “need work.

"Got “Writer’s Block”?

Open one of those files; look at the first paragraph and start editing. Ask yourself, is it necessary to the story; is the flow, good or bad? Adverbs and adjectives, are you using the same descriptions over and over? Make that paragraph flow. Move on to the next.   


 Before you know it, you have been productive and your novel is progressing. 

For me, I will do that, than an idea will pop in my head. Be it a new way to handle the point I am in, or something completely different for another file. It doesn't matter, the river is flowing again. 

The days I liked most when writing, was those days I could take all those files and start mapping them into a cohesive story.

I found it took the pressure off. It also caused me to cut chapters that I didn’t think fit into the flow. Did I delete them? No! I reviewed and asked myself why I didn’t like them? Then rewrite, or it provided a new foundation for continued chapters in book two, three, or maybe a flash back to tie in another completely different thought.
At first, this aggravated me to no end. However, when the contract came in and I realized I actually had to get the second book lined up and organized I did not panic. I had enough files going in so many directions I had a base to begin organizing for those days of: “Writers Block.”

No matter the method, continue development, tweak it, organize, write, write and write.
On the days you are not writing, read, read marketing, social networking, find “TOP SELLERS,” follow their blogs learn what they are doing and apply what you can to your brand.
It’s all good.
Nothin’ but Love! See at the best seller list.

By: DMK 
Writen for SlantedK 
Follow on Twitter @slantedk
DMK, Author of From the Ashes, Coming Soon from Solstice Publishing

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