Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

SlantedK & DMK 
has been hard @ work 
on the production Edits for "From the Ashes."

Author/Editor Patricia Bates makes it easy.

In addition I am moving my blog to it is ready for review, just some more touch ups but very proud of it.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

SlantedK Good Friend Book Feature-Rama

Before I present the Awesome Feature-Rama.

Important Branding Related Information.
Don Porter & DMK met a couple years back at Rincon Valley Farmers Market in Arizona.
Don was there for book signing and marketing. DMK was next to his stall selling smoked brisket.
The day went on, we were each doing our own thing, then I got up the nerve to ask Don about publishing. (Why would he want to talk to me? I was a rookie with nothing published, just a dream.) Not only was he kind enough to share his experience he took a sincere interest in my project. So much so that he was the first editor on "From the Ashes." He coached and mentored me. As editors do, he beat me up and got me back on the right direction. I owe much to Don.

Why the long winded blah. blah, blah?

I cannot emphasis enough the importance of networking for new and seasoned authors. Not running a constant commercial, but networking. Talking, asking questions, showing interest and respect in others.

I had no idea what doors were to open by sharing a 12 hour smoked/roasted brisket sandwich, with friend and author Don Porter.   Thank You, Don.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, 
This weeks Book is Don Porter's 
Latest Action Packed Mystery.
For a complete review Click here, eh!

Bullet dodging, kidnapping, and a cat and mouse game that covers Hawaii ensues as Alex tries to find out who is trying to kill him and why.

Don G. Porter at 
invites you to check out his complete library. 
As always, he'll sign, ship, and pay the postage.

The deal doesn't stop there, oh no.
Mention that you heard about this @SlantedK 
and Don will take five dollars off any fifteen-dollar book 
and three dollars off any thirteen dollar book.

Presented By SlantedK
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Have a Great Day!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Twitter Hashtags #

Developing Your Brand - A Continued Discussion.
By DMK, A SlantedK Production

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Blogging, Tweeting, the Social Media Blitzkrieg.

Keeping up with writing, Blogging, Tweeting and all the other daily tasks require efficiency and targeted efforts. All are well aware of the “follow” button. Some buy followers others simply post & post and slowly gather followers. (The latter is the team SlantedK is on.)

However, I bring this back around to the topic of “hashtags (#).”
“What is a hashtag, Dave? I see them everywhere.”
“I am so glad you asked. There are no bad questions, so I shall start with the definition.”

Definition: The # symbol, called the hashtag, marks keywords or topics in a Tweet.
Categorizing messages, if you will.

* From Twitter - Using hashtags correctly:
  • If you Tweet with a hashtag on a public account, anyone who does a search for that hashtag may find your Tweet
  • Don't #spam #with #hashtags. Don't over-tag a single Tweet. (Best practices recommend using no more than 2 hashtags per Tweet.)
  • Use hashtags only on Tweets relevant to the topic.

What this all means is the hashtag is a search marker. You are posting and posting, yet only your followers are seeing them. Add a hashtag and your Tweets will show up on searches under said topics.

Now you’re good to go, ready to rock, and have another tool in the effort to develop and expand your brand. Look forward to seeing ya’ll out in the wide world wed.

Here is a great Blogger with some more great advice on the topic.
How To Optimize Twitter: Be Real, Profiles, RT, Hashtags & More
Lisa Buyer, March 8, 2012 

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