My Grand Daughter, Keleigh!

The Karder Gang: From  L-R David, Kenneth, Susan, Michael.
David is proud author of From the Ashes

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          DMK was born in the suburbs of Chicago and transplanted to Vail Arizona in two thousand and five. Susan and David married in nineteen and eighty six.
         “The grand meeting took place in 1982. Nearly everyone did time at a fast food joint and our tale is no different. Just to throw some perspective out there, the golden arches did not have a drive through yet, and somehow people still ate, imagine that, eh. I was behind the grill and Susan took and gave the orders, some things continue on and on,” said David.
        “He’s known to have some screws loose; however, David has survived parenting two men now in their twenties, Ken and Mike. Therefore, it is understandable to have some loose screws,” said Susan.

A little bit about myself;

  • During my corporate life - Client Liaison, Corporate Presentations, Training, IT SOP development and implementation. Hands on management with front line and top level client management.
  • In Jan. 2012 I contracted with Solstice Publishing for my first Fiction Novel, From the Ashes, an Action Packed Wild West Adventure. Release TBA.
  • A Parent since 89
  • A grandfather since 7/7/11
  • Patient Advocate for Rheumatoid Arthritis and the new drug, Actemra.
I will not be a success until I can help others succeed. I look forward to a continued relationship with all that cross my path via this form of communication.
Coming Soon from Solstice Publishing

Thank You for stopping by and allowing me to bring you a piece of my life, I am honored to share my stories with ya’ll. There will be more to come.