Sunday, August 12, 2012

Then and Now - Competing w/CGI

Be True to Yourself.
A SlantedK Production

"Be yourself, let you come through."
Jonathan Davis

This weekend I watched Smokey & the Bandit 1&2. Did you know there are zero CGI effects in either of those movies?  
When they did the jump with that Black Trans Am it actually flew. When Sheriff Buford T Justice chased the Bandit through the roller coaster, they destroyed the actual ride.

Yup, no special effects.
It is an art form long gone, why I ask.

This answer came to me when I went to the theater to see the latest Muppet Adventure. I grew up with that great show. The movie, produced just as all the proceeding efforts, held true to their roots. That meant you needed to listen to the jokes, the action was in the art.
You see where this is going?
The kids in the theater were not entertained, nope, a hand full of ignorant parents even let their “loved ones” run around the theater.

“Where ya going, Dave, blogging is writing, writing is writing?”
“Ok. How does this compare to writers of eBooks, formerly the printed page?”
“Neither is in theaters.”
“Funny, no, well and yes, kinda.”

This generation of writing is in direct competition with the very same thing. The classics will never die. However, I’m not Stephen King, yet. Writing and social media has the bar raised much higher.
When I see a particular scene in my mind for David Murphy aka Longhair, (the main character in my project), I see it clear, CGI if you will. There is a scene when he tangles with a demon warrior. The trick is to balance writing the image so to not lose the reader in detail, keep the action up without being cartoonish and survive the editor. 

The action is in the art.

We see this application in the marketing of our projects.
  • You have 15 seconds to get a prospect to continue beyond the opening to the query or the next paragraph.
  • That paragraph has to entice them to read the synopsis.
  • The synopsis needs to be good enough to get the same prospect to the manuscript or call to action.
  • Once we make it through that.
  • We then start over with the market that wants The Dark Night & Transformers.
  • The front cover gets them to the back cover. The back cover gets them to open the book. For your eBooks, the tease gets them to the intro, the intro to the synopsis, the synopsis to the purchase.

This leads me back to previous topics on Growing your Brand. 

Stephen King has written for decades, now a book comes out and it is golden. Let’s use Social Media the same way. In the World Wide Web, you do what ya love and others will find you. You will find others, people will come back to see what you are doing. If something tried doesn’t work, then retool. People know when they see someone being true to him or herself.

Be true to yourself.

"If you can just be yourself, then you have to be original because there's no one like you."
Marc Newson

When you put the pieces together, you will write a great tease, a heartfelt synopsis, and many happy customers will knock on your door (add to cart.)

You're Great, Be Great.
Have a Great Day.

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