Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thirty Years of First Days

Today 2.22.2012 is a very special day.

Thirty Years Past, a shy girl said yes to a date, innocence golden.
First Movie - Ghost Story
First New Years - Bowling
First Concert - Journey. (Front row center!)
First Kiss - Sweet!
The Year Nineteen and Eighty-Six; the month February, the Chicago Bears held the trophy high.
A couple weeks later
February Twenty-Two.
The proclamation, made before friends many. 
“You may kiss the bride.”
A friend became my wife.
A tear on her cheek, a gentle wipe 
and a smile that can melt the cold of a February Day.
Kiss we did.
The sands of time passed as if only yesterday.
Hand in hand we stood.
A friend, my wife, a new mother, closer we grew.
Two infants anew, men they have become in a blink of an eye.
Hand in hand we stood.
The cry of a newborn.
The breath of life and the smile of pure innocence.
Hand in hand we stand, Grandparents we are.
I raise my glass to the sky.
A toast to Susan, hand in hand we face another first day.
Happy Twenty-Sixth Anniversary my Dear Suzi Q!

Thank You DMK Owner of SlantedK
David is also the Author of "From the Ashes," 
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