From the Ashes

Imagine looking upon everything you have
 completely engulfed in flames.

This is what David Murphy saw 
that dreadful night in Chicago.

"Experience storytelling that puts you right in Chicago, on Pine Street, North of you, a city burns." 

"Wear the shoes of a young boy in 1865. 
A father leaves for the civil war, 
a mother and a country torn." 
Author Rita Emmett

“A tale told with no shortage of action, 
delivers a fresh spin to the turn of the century.” 
Author, Don G Porter

Not your cookie cutter Western, reviving the tales of the west.

From The Ashes
   By David M Karder
Release TBA

Chicago 1871, the city burned out of control. Among a sea of people, a teen covered in soot, stood alone, lost, waxed in grief and dismay. 

      Through his mind’s eye, witness the transformation from youth, to one of the fiercest gunmen of the Western Frontier. 


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