Sunday, February 12, 2012

SlantedK Book of the Week

Murder Pro Bono

The Family is a group of homeless people living under a bridge in Honolulu. When they discover a murder victim, Dick and George of the Payne and Clark Detective Agency reluctantly agree to take on the case pro bono and clear them of suspicion.
But, where is the money belt and the hundred thousand dollars the corpse was wearing? Who are the men in long black Cadillacs suddenly following Dick and George? When the family disappears, Lt. Cochran of the Honolulu police wants to arrest Dick and George for hiding them.
Maggie the receptionist is on the trail of the family when another horribly brutal murder is discovered, this one apparently committed by the family, so Maggie is in danger. Then Family takes on a whole new meaning when the Mafia gets involved and threatens Dick and George with slow painful deaths.
They chase bad guys, and now six million dollars, from Las Vegas to Guam.

Don is a guest contributor to SlantedK and it is an honor to know him.
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