Sunday, February 19, 2012

SlantedK Book of the Week

$10.95 on sale now
50% off only $5.50

The Procrastinating Child: A Handbook For Adults To Help Children Stop Putting Things Off

  • Was the first book published totally devoted to helping children stop procrastinating
  • Includes true stories and strategies-that-work from some of the 673 people that Rita interviewed about children who procrastinate
  • Helps parents learn how to work as a team with children to coach them out of the putting-off habit
  • Teaches a simple, quick strategy to take the STING out of feeling overwhelmed
  • Has been used as a fundraiser at grade and high schools and combined with the first book, is published in over 32 countries

Rita is a guest author with SlantedK and is a very dear friend.
Our business is all about helping others, we can not succeed without helping others succeed.
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