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Are You A Low-Tech Person In A High-Tech World?


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Are You A Low-Tech Person In A High-Tech World?

      In the first computer class I ever took, they opened by teaching us to hit control + home to go to the top of a page, and control + end to get to the bottom.

      It was an all-day class. The next day, all I knew to do was Ctrl + home, and Ctrl + end.

       A year later, that’s still all I knew, but I had learned that I’m not good at absorbing a day’s worth of computer knowledge all at one sitting.

       If you still use your word processor like a fancy typewriter or your data system like a high-tech-rolodex, find someone who has mastered a program you use and ask her to teach you new tips every so two weeks or so. That will give you time to practice your new tips before moving on to another one.

       Also, there are some things you MUST learn. If you feel overwhelmed, type out the various steps to each skill or find someone who will help you with each of these.

Learn to:

1.    Run a full system scan using your Anti-virus software
2.    Back up your files
3.    Purge frequently
Every so often, clear out temporary Internet files, cookies, recycle bin, old unnecessary and deleted emails, etc. Also learn to run scandisk and defrag. (All of these speed up your computer)
4.    Set up a pop-up blocker
5.    Get an anti-spam utility or set up filters
6.    Not give out personal information
If a website asks for personal info to enter the site, and you do not want to provide it, create an email account with one of the free email sites such as Hotmail or Yahoo. When signing up for this email account, don’t give your real information. Then when a website asks you to sign in, use the fake email account. That way, you will not be bombarded with spam and no personal info will have been given out.
7.    Report SPAM
8.    Have your computer give you reminders
Most databases and email programs have a calendar where you can set up reminders that will practically tap you on the shoulder any time you want it to and it will tell you what to do.

     If you don’t understand some of these, it’s important for you to get someone to help you. Learning ANY of these will make your life SO much easier.

       Rita Emmett is a "Recovering Procrastinator", a Professional Speaker, and best-selling author of The Procrastinator’s Handbook;  and The Clutter-Busting Handbook.
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