Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Can We Have Fun?

A SlantedK Prouction

A blogger/writer pours their heart and soul into the trade, and in my psychosis; I always seem to have the need to first scream then laugh. Then I can step forward and assemble thought. 

Can we have fun?

Titles are important and require an inventive train of thought. 

In sales, one has ten seconds to make a positive impression, just to make it to the next segment of time, the thirty seconds that hold the power of success or failure. Same with marketing our product, the headline is important. Have you ever read the headline and then thought to yourself, “huh.”

I like nonsense, Mel Brooks, Monte Python, National Lampoon and the likes of such. (New Three Stooges, oh my!)

Therefore, fun.

Rambling about a topic and discussing that which has no relevance, can in some way produce intrigue.

In a study of off shore fishermen, a discovery found that bowling was not a sport practiced during expeditions.

The fact that a fisherman cannot bowl while fishing has brought scientists together to find a solution to the anxieties experienced due to the event of bowling being void from the daily activity of off shore fishermen. In an attempt to replicate the effect, bowling has on the mind; they attempted to have shuffleboard introduced during deep water fishing expeditions. 

This was a complete failure; studies proved that the high seas were not conducive to the atmosphere required to bowl or compete in shuffleboard. In a valiant attempt to give attention to and provide a solution to the disturbing statistics of not bowling on the high seas, the same scientists installed bad mitten nets on three boats.

Each rig had a designated scientist and independent auditor.

After Months of research, it has been a challenge to determine and solidify the results. Due to the strange anomaly, that there is no success in locating any of the three research teams.

Fishing continues without a solution to the deficiency of not bowling. 

One anonymous individual was willing to let a reporter from the institute interview him. He simply said. “Those dumb asses got thrown overboard, really, bad mitten?” This statement is without confirmation.  

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