Friday, April 20, 2012

Satire or Reality?


Q. Does this paragraph make me sound stupid?
A. The paragraph has nothing to do with it.

Q. Will you read this for me?
A. Will you listen to what I say?

Q. Can I ask you a question?
A. You can ask.

Q. Will you answer my question?
A. Not with what you want to hear.

Q. Do you wanna do something tonight?
A. As long as nothing is something.

Can anyone relate?

Well, reality on the flat screen is not reality, if reality was real, then who would watch? We look at produced reality and get entertained. Some anyway, to me it is fingernails on a chalkboard. Fiction & reality clearly blurred the line as of late.
What is missing? Creativity in my opinion, remember, “Married with Children”? That was more reality than today’s version; it fell into that sad but true thing, eh? (Laughed my butt off.)

Is it so hard to be creative today? 

I do not understand, with so many authors out there that pour their heart into every project, we tolerate the dribble tossed on the screen. I, by no means lump everything into that statement. There is quality out there; I just think we should not have to work so hard to find it.
Anyone who follows SlantedK knows that the more obscure the better for me. I can’t wait to see the Three Stooges, I will wait for the DVD.
The theater is gouging us in excess. (That is another rant.)

Tell me, what are you rambling about today?
Is it wrong to ramble about rambling?

Exactly, to write, we live in the world of our minds. Nothing has to make sense, then once we re-read and edit what we write we need to make sense out of it.

Make sense?


To pass you will need to bring me a shrubbery!
What Movie?

We writers live in the world of fiction, reality that seems real; however, it is not reality. Yet when engulfed in the story, reality has nothing to do with it, or does it?

Through the mind’s eye, I feel and look no different from any given year. A gaze into the mirror and the smack of gray breaks reality.

Reality or Satire?

Are we talking about the ramblings of a fiction writer or the visions of the demented and insane? Is there a difference between a parent of two, entering two and a half decades of such and thirty years in a great relationship with one woman?

Or, is it one and the same?   
Satire or Reality?

Cheers, Ya’ll!
I love hanging with every one of ya!
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