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Got Traffic?

A few bite size takeaways so you can begin implementing an action plan to more visitors.

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Traffic, we all know a key ingredient for success to manifest in a brick and mortar business or an e-commerce business relies on people visiting.

Before I start, I must tip my hat to PABlo, the man working hard to educate me in the world of e-commerce. He also runs a Blogger group here in Tucson.  If you are in Tucson and want to turn your blog up a notch, this group is necessary.

There are layers in a successful conversion once the visit counts are exploding. Today I am touching on traffic.

A few bite size takeaways so you can begin implementing an action plan to more visitors. I have read many blogs so I know that there are many opinions. 

Here are the stats that support my points.
I started my Blog SlantedK in Jan. 2012.YTD the traffic count is 2974 at the moment I entered this. (3000 will pass today.)
After working hard at implementing certain points.
The 30-day average Visits are 1426.

Blog everyday a minimum of 250 words.
250 words, what? Not that hard, find your nitch, and write what you know.
1.      Parenthood
2.      Writing
3.      Cooking
4.      Health
5.      Self Help is popular
6.      If you are already on Twitter, what are the topics of the groups you are in?

If you look at my blog one may say, “You don’t Practice what you preach, every day?” I will admit because I drive a truck I don’t get content out every day, I am still working towards that goal, that is what it is, a goal. Stated above, I am assisting you in “A few bite size takeaways so you can begin implementing an action plan to more visitors.” It puts emphasis on the technique; I believe my traffic will continue to increase as I personally fulfill the goals stated here. The numbers are not a bad start.
That brings me to another point.
·         Tweet
Because I have a stockpile of content, on the days I cannot get something new up I promote past topics. You would be surprised how the traffic matches the days I do entries.
·         Re-Tweet, read the work of others and re-tweet. (Be careful of the spammers.)
·         If you follow someone, follow him or her. Check there blogs, comment and tweet.
Guest Bloggers.
·         This is a big help in getting content out consistently. (Again be careful.)
·         Edit, make your writing professional and an extension of yourself. You are not just driving visitors you are starting relationships with other businesses & people.

I little bit to digest, it does work.
Have a Great Day ;^)

PABlo Bley gets all the credit. I simply put the words together to bring you a nibble of knowledge. His passion and proven work speaks for itself.

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