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SlantedK's Featurerama Book Promotion!

SlantedK's Featurerama Book Promotion!

Here @ SlantedK we believe in sharing the Love.
(SFBP formerly known as Book of the week, eh.)
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This week is something different.
The book is FREE!
And it is about food, and who does not have a soft spot in their heart for food.

I present to you a cookbook filled with a collection of recipes from the many authors at Solstice Publishing.

Cooking with Solstice Publishing Vol.1 & 2

As a special bonus for taking the time to visit my blog, I am including love letter excerpts from my coming book, 
From the Ashes. 
To set the scene, the main character David Murphy, as a child watched his father leave for the civil war. On a regular basis letters would come back from the frontline. Since my blog this week was “The Many Masks of Love”  I thought this to be a good fit. Enjoy.
From Chapter Two
I was seven in 1861

To my Love:
The day turns into night
As the sun sets
As a flower wilts
My soul longs for you
In the blood and coldness of war
My love for you warms my soul
I close my eyes and see your face
I breathe deep and smell the lilacs
You are the anchor of my soul
Without you tomorrow has no value
My thoughts of you are the heartbeat of my soul
I long for your touch, your beauty
The smell of your perfume
Your kiss, your hug
You are the anchor of my soul
I will always love you.

Kiss, Kiss, my Cherry Blossom, I will see both of you soon!

Mom so wanted us to be together again. Dad only wrote about the good things, he would tell of his friends, the laughs they would have around the fire, how bad the food was, sleeping under the stars and so on. He would mention the battle, only in the fact he was always running the rebels back. I thought it was the greatest.
     Another letter arrived.

To My Love:
Since that day I met you; my heart has been yours!
The golden lace on your white dress
The deep red of your lips
Your gorgeous deep brown eyes
Your hair, your lovely, lovely hair
Your soft skin, the skin of an angel

These are the thoughts that cleanse my soul.
Today I saw Ben from the lumberyard, he is still wearing grey, across from our position I could see him manning the cannon.  It is quiet today, no bloodshed, and no hatred.  I do not know if Ben saw me but I know I hope our paths do not come that close again during this war.  It will never be too soon for this war to end.
I remember the day I met Bill. He moved from Arkansas to find work in the big city. He never let that accent go. It’s funny how we remember certain things.
Tell David I acquired a new Henry Rifle, accurate as hell.

Kiss, Kiss, my Cherry Blossom, I will see both of you soon!

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