Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Many Masks of Love

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Two young teens sat in a theater, Ghost Story on the screen. He got up the nerve to put his arm around her, leaned left, lifted his right arm and set it on her shoulder, she accepted, success.

Not sure on how to graciously pull it back once the tingle began, the arm fell asleep and stayed in that position for the rest of the movie. Asleep for nearly two hours, excruciating pain not detected externally, too much riding on the date, she leaned forward at the credits and the arm fell, blood began flowing.


One-year rolled by, her heart torn and shattered, and a very hard decision made. “Your smothering me, we need to take a break from each other.” Dejected, she was right, that did not ease the pain.
Four months later, passion rekindled.

Four years later, The Little White Church, packed to capacity. The young teens in that movie theater are now the King and Queen of the ceremony. The Bride adorned in the most beautiful dress is ravishing. The Groom, dressed in a white on white Long Tail Tuxedo.

“You may kiss the Bride.”

Gently he lifted the veil, exposing the face of his lovely bride. He cupped her face with both hands; his left thumb wiped a single tear from her cheek. He leaned in and they gently kissed, then he whispered, “I will love you always.”


The heated flames of passion bring forth a family.
Father time shows no mercy, gives no reprisal. Infants become boys.

“The answer is no! You are, grounded!” The father hurts and cannot waver, the child angry.

A trip to Disney and the dancing fountains.

Christmas Morning, two young boys witnessed one single, very large box, in amazement they tore into it for what seemed to be hours. Miles of smiles illuminated that day.


“It’s always my fault! EVERYTHING I DO IS WRONG!”

The bedroom door slammed, the back door followed, glass shattered, in the garage he sat in the car and screamed, “WHY!” Palms to his eyes, he breaks down in sorrow and shame.

Back in the bedroom, she curled into a ball, clutching a tear soaked pillow, emotionally distressed, she whispered. “Don’t leave.”


The flame has now flickered into the third decade. Saturday afternoon dates at the same restaurant. She smiled and they laughed. Reflecting on days past and sitting in the moment.
They tipped their glasses, smiled and he whispered.
“Love Ya Babe.”

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