Sunday, April 29, 2012

SlantedK Book Feature-rama.


- This week I am changing it up a bit.
- Oh, there is a surprise, DMK changing it up.

It is well known my criteria for this awesome Book Feature-rama is 
"Sharing the Love," and giving ya'll an opportunity to find places & people to visit.

Keeping with books, I could not make a decision when I was visiting 
"A Little Shelf of Heaven." so today the feature is the book reviewing talent of Kristy. 
She likes owls.

About Kristy - I'd say I'm just a small town girl with big city dreams but how clichéd does that sound? All I want is to get through high school happily and leave knowing I had the best years I could have! Books are my way of getting through this crazy life and I hope to share that with everyone possible! I'm also slightly obsessed with Harry Potter and owls...

Here is a couple Reviews.

 Stop by and giver her a shout out.

Thanks for today's visit, if ya want, feel free to join me any time.


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