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13 Easy Tips for Promoting Your Book ©

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 Rita Emmett

This is an excerpt from the proposal I sent to publishers when I was trying to get my book 
The Procrastinator's Handbook published. These marketing ideas that I proposed to the publishers can be used or adapted by other authors (including you) to market their books.
PROPOSAL (Excerpt)
So - How Will I Work to Market This Book? ©
1.      Before the release of a book, I will start offering talks on it. When I mention that the book will be out soon, I will collect email addresses of everyone who wants to notification. Once it is released, I will send an email blast to every address I've collected.
2.      At my talks, I will sell books at the back of the room to the people attending the program.
3.      Once I send my email blast, I will offer that anyone on that list can have a free subscription to my "Anticrastination Tip Sheet."  The Tip Sheet will be short with quick and easy tips for breaking the procrastination habit and conquering clutter. 
4.      Schedule any radio, TV, magazine and newspaper interviews that I (or anyone else) can arrange.
5.      Promote book signings and mini-seminars at bookstores that I (or anyone else) can arrange.
6.      Write articles for newspapers, trade and association magazines to mention the book. Through the clients I speak to, I will have access to hundreds of trade magazines.
7.      Requested endorsements from authors who I admire including; Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, co-authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul. I have already received an endorsement from Frank McCourt who wrote Angela's Ashes.
8.      Attend a seminar in California in March with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen on "How to Build Your Writing Empire." This commitment of time (not to mention the cost) will generate a wealth of ideas for marketing this book.
9.      Propose a series of books based on the variety of topics I have developed in my seminars.
10.  Include flyers about the book in the information packets I mail to people interested in my Procrastination Presentation.
11.  Mail out flyers promoting the book to the thousands of names I have been collecting on my data base.
12.  Call my former clients and offer them an opportunity to buy advance copies for their sales force once the publication date is announced.
13.  Arrange for a booth from which I can sell this book, whenever presenting a Keynote to kick off a conference.
14.  Offer workshops on "Conquering Procrastination" to employees of publisher.
15.  Generate "spin-off" products using illustrations, quotes and concepts from the book.
·         Procrastination quote of the week for computers, small book of quotes, CD's, Screen Savers, tapes, calendars and much more
·         How about "The Procrastination Doll"? Wind it up and it sits there and does nothing :)
·         How about "The Procrastination Game"? You buy it, put it on a closet shelf, and never get around to playing it :)
·         How about "The Procrastination-exercise Machine"? You buy it; drape your clothes all over it. It doesn't do anything because nobody will ever use it anyway. Comes in decorator colors :)

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  1. Rita, I will do this...but maybe tomorrow!
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