Sunday, June 10, 2012

SlantedK's Spectacular Book Feature-Rama

This week SlantedK presents a Young Adult Book from 
Author Kelly Abell.
Kelly has a great deal of things going on at her web site!
I recommend a visit.

Gifted with the Shade Sight, Destiny Dove is catapulted into a world unseen by the living. Among the Shades lurks unspeakable evil.

Fifteen year old Destiny Dove was perfectly ordinary until fate cruelly intervenes. Newly orphaned, Destiny must now live with her New Age grandmother in a strange town. Destiny soon discovers, like all females in her family, she is gifted with what her grandmother calls The Shade Sight.  Destiny, however, is convinced her “gift” is a sure ticket to freakdom. When Amy, the most popular girl in town and Destiny’s nemesis, receives an antique mirror imprisoning more than a mere reflection, Destiny is the first to see it.  When evil makes its move Destiny is all that stands in its path of total domination. When the possessed Amy threatens a group of teens at a party, super hot Jake Turner, the subject of the girls’ rivalry, implores Destiny to get involved.  Destiny moves beyond her fear of being thought weird and her resentment of Amy, and with the help of her family both dead and alive, learns the true power of her gift.

Sharing the Love is what it is all about! Got Young Adult readers in the family?
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