Sunday, June 24, 2012

SlantedK Outstanding Book Feature-Rama

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After a mysterious malfunction crashes flight 102, Michael, the only survivor, is trapped in a deadly showdown with a supernatural force ... that wants to collect his soul.

A little about J.L. Petty, by J.L. Petty

Okay, I am a horror writer for Solstice Publishing. I am a fan of all things scary. My book shelf is stacked with thousands of books about the paranormal, ghosts, serial killings, and (of course) classic Stephen King novels. When I was kid, I was addicted to R.L. Stine. Surprisingly, I liked his Fear street series; more than the Goosebumps. I think I've read every Fear street book R.L. Stine ever wrote.  When I turned about sixteen or so, I really got into reading Lois Duncan novels. She wrote”I know what you did last summer." In my opinion, the book was way better than the movie; even though I love, love, love Jennifer Love Hewitt as an actress. Lois Duncan is a pioneer (there aren't that many mainstream woman horror novelist).When I got to college, I fell in love with “Stir of Echoes" by Richard Matheson.  I read that book twice and it really inspired me to go into horror writing; that was a turning point for me in my life. I eventually sat down and wrote "Death and the Journalist"; the scariest book ever written... because I said so.

I like his closing statement, it fits @ SlantedK 


"As a child my family's menu consisted of two choices: 
take it or leave it." 
Buddy Hackett.

Good wisdom for today's yuts,eh!

What can possibly be in store with Something Different?

Two items today.

The first is a statement by President Abraham Lincoln.

And the Second

One can associate a woman with the term "Pleasure and Pain."

Here is some pain to take pleasure in. 

Have A Great Day!
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