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“Courage is going from failure to failure 
without losing enthusiasm.” 
– Winston Churchill
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GREAT Reason for Authors to Become Speakers
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Welcome to another visit from Guest Author, Rita Emmett.

This entry was discussed and outlined the day she returned from Hawaii. Rita shared the impact of speaking and writing and the way it is truly, a “Perfect Circle.”
She is a pro; I am just getting things going. Talking with her really gets the blood flowing so I made the request to get onto paper the motivating points of the conversation and the limitless possibilities speaking can really, deliver.
From Rita Emmett to the visitors of SlantedK, enjoy.

Being a Professional Speaker (one who is paid), and an author, creates a perfect circle.

In selecting a speaker for a program, often the clients have to decide between multiple people. When you can send them a book you have authored, it puts you head and shoulders above the others… and then they pick you.
Then, when you speak in front of 50 or 500 people, many of them will go out or go to the back of the room and buy your book. Sometimes a client might even pre-purchase books for everyone in attendance.

Recently a fellow planning a conference bought 500 copies of my book.

Many of you know what it's like to be an author. Let me share a few perks of being a Professional Speaker, so that once your book is published, you might be open to speak at schools, libraries, churches… or more. That is how I started. Now I speak in the corporate world.

There is so much that I love, about being a Professional Speaker. Recently, my husband, Bruce and I returned from a dream-come-true trip to Honolulu where I gave a one-hour talk at a conference. The opening speaker was Captain Sullenberger, the well-known hero & pilot who landed the crippled plane on the Hudson River. It was a thrill to hear him speak.

What this means, is if a client selects you as a speaker and you agree to do it, then they usually pay you a fee, plus they pay your air fare, hotel, meals and other expenses for the time you need to be at their destination for your talk. Usually we add a few days to our trips so we can tour the area. At our own cost of course, however, often you get the "conference discount" which is substantial.

They don't pay Bruce's air fare, and we've always offered to pay for his meals, but nobody has accepted. They tell us that when they are providing meals for several hundred people, adding Bruce to the mix is LESS of a problem than it would be to do the paperwork for us to pay for his meal.

Because we both love to travel, we have added days to our trips for many of the states, plus talks I've given in Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, and Ireland. In addition, both of us get to cruise for free and have been to Alaska, the Panama Canal, a Baltic cruise that included two days in Russia and a Mediterranean trip that started in Spain and went to Italy, Greece and Egypt.

(Please allow me to interrupt here,
to bullet point the places Rita just mentioned.)
ü  Canada
ü  Mexico
ü  Guatemala
ü  Ireland

Cruises included the following locations. 
(While having speaking engagements on the ship).

ü  Alaska
ü  Panama Canal
ü  Russia
ü  The Mediterranean
ü  Spain
ü  Italy
ü  Greece
ü  Egypt

                Thank You, Back to Rita.

If you ever decide to combine speaking and authorship, you will find that you work with terrific people; you can share the message of your book with thousands, and greatly increase your book sales. Along with that, you might get to visit and tour some wonderful places.


In fact, four days from the day I wrote this, we flew to Tucson where I spoke to hotel staff at their annual conference. (This was my very favorite "perk" of all). We got to visit with our baby boy, Dave (OK, OK - he is all grown up, and you know him as DMK, but still…) and best of all, we got to see his sensational family.
Life is good. SOOOOO good.

          Rita Emmett is a "Recovering Procrastinator", professional speaker, and author of:
•    MANAGE YOUR TIME TO REDUCE YOUR STRESS: A Handbook for the Overworked, Overscheduled and Overwhelmed

         She publishes a free monthly “ANTICRASTINATION Tip Sheet” available at with tips and ideas to help people blast away the procrastination

Have a Great Day

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