Saturday, June 9, 2012

Doing Nothing Works

If Nothing Is Your Goal.
A SlantedK Production
Got Twitter? Got SlantedK?

Serious and Stupid all wrapped in one great package.

I have done an extensive study in the last few weeks concerning social media. (The application will apply to many if not all categories ie: Homework, marketing, laundry, parenting, jobs…)

My test was to see what would happen if I did nothing.

It turns out, if one does nothing, nothing will happen, huh.

Now, if the study was concerning the results of doing nothing, can I consider it a successful study if nothing happened?
I think the fact that I established a base, if you do nothing, nothing will happen in and of itself was a success, however, it is clear there is excessively too many people doing nothing and the competition was not very lively.

My comparison study concerned getting something for nothing. This seemed to be a good fit for the interaction of doing nothing and expecting great things to happen.

The results were frightfully similar. Again, nothing happened.

A pattern became clear to me, if I do not write, promote, participate and work hard I will receive no measurable success.

Captain obvious kicked in the door and backhanded me.

Stating the obvious?
I ask this then.

“Why are there people still putting so much effort into continuing the abovementioned study?”

What is the moral of this little ditty?

You can only get out of a plan, that which you put into it. You will not get something for nothing! 

I hope we can reverse the direction of many in today’s generation. 

(That is an ongoing study.)

If anyone was considering doing nothing or has someone in their circle with this terrible diagnosis, then I hope my story will help in extinguishing such thoughts and bring to light that anyone can get up and do something.

Dream big, try and try again.
Don’t give up!
Have a Great Day! 

Just to prove my point, for the "Something Different" part of my blog I did NOTHING.
Absolute Proof of the Outcome.

Ok, can't do that!

A bright Saturday morning, a four dollar scratcher is purchased, the prize, $50, a quick trip to the casino and $50 becomes $250. 
He slammed a few drinks at the casino and turned the $250 into $1000. "All in" on the next hand - bust. 
Broke and drunk he grabbed a six-pack and raced home. Tossed an empty can out the window and hit a motorcycle officer square in the face. 
At the trial the judge asked him if he learned anything.
"Hell Yeah, next time I buy bottles!"


  1. Oh, Dave, that was serious and silly just like you said ;^)

  2. You're right, DMK! The fridge door was open and I did nothing about it. Now my beer is not at the required optimum temperature and my hot dogs smell funny.