Friday, March 2, 2012

From the Ashes, Excerpt

Today I present an excerpt from my forthcoming Novel, From the Ashes, A Fantastic, Wild West Action Packed Adventure. Brought to you by Solstice Publishing.
Contains Adult Language
Enjoy :)

"Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare."
Dale Carnegie 

Chapter Five 
(Excerpt - From the Ashes)
By David M Karder
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“Enough! Enough already!”
     Hell’s fury unleashed in this dusty dirty town, never should have left Beans and Seth. The window I was under shattered as an array of pellets strike, given thrust by a twelve-gauge shotgun. Rifleman on the balcony to the right was not concerned with his rampant waste of ammo. The fool squatting behind the new caskets across the street would not take the time to aim, a fitting location for that one. Shotgun blasts rang out from another to the left of the caskets. 
“It’s time! I have had enough!” 
     The response, the choice of artillery was sure, dynamite! Fuck-em, their boss drew on me and lost. They have made the decision to join him. A flare of a match and two sticks were ignited, lofted and lands on the display of the oak and pine caskets, a perfect supply of shrapnel. The wicks quickly burned down to the critical point culminating in a furious explosion of powder, flame, and splintered wood. Two devastating blasts tore up that side of the street, the caskets blew to pieces in every direction; two of the gunmen, no longer participating. 
      That provided enough of a distraction to pause the rifleman on the balcony. I stood, palm to steel, draw, hammer lock, trigger! His exit wound, the left side of the face. The wall behind him decorated in brain matter, bone and blood. He fell limp to the planked floor. The whole gang reunited in Hell. 
     I stood and looked at the destruction,  I couldn’t  help but think, some kind of legacy, shit, when it’s my turn; when I close my eyes forever, will it mean a damn thing? 
     Next thing that took place surprised me; at that moment, a lasso roped me from behind and dragged me to the ground. Before any reaction was possible, my body careened off the corner of the building.

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