Sunday, March 25, 2012

SlantedK’s Featurerama Book Promotion!

SlantedK's Featurerama Book Promotion!
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If you have any interest in going off topic from your regular blog and guest blogging or getting your book included @ SlantedK’s Featurerama Book Promotion, contact DMK and let’s roll. (SFBP formerly known as Book of the week, eh.)
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Jenna is six when her parents die in a tragic car crash leaving her and her two sisters orphans. With no one to care for them they move in with their grandmother in the town of Snow Hollow where more than just a normal life awaits them. Jenna soon discovers that she is not like other girls, a fact she's felt since birth. When her grandmother finally reveals her secret Jenna is blown away by not only the fact that she's a witch, but that she is THE witch. The Ultimate One who controls the powers of the coven.

After her grandmother's death when she turned 26 Jenna finds out another secret. She is the only one left to protect her home from the evil demons wanting to steal her world away from her.

When Jenna meets Jacob, her sexy warlock protector, the sparks fly from day one. She is determined to protect her family her way, but will it be enough? She will need Jacob, but will their passion for one another be enough to save their world as they know it and keep her sisters safe?

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