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Sure Fire Thoughts on How to Not Succeed.

What Not to Do.
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“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” David Brinkley

Sure Fire Thoughts on How to Not Succeed.  
ü  Put off to tomorrow, what you could do today.
ü  If it is hard it is not worth doing,
ü  Hard work never pays off.
ü  Network with people who do not network.
ü  Networking does not work.
ü  In order to be successful you must first be successful.
ü  Seek advice from those who know it all and have done nothing.
ü  Don’t try, then you will not get rejected.
ü  It takes 100 rejections to get to your first yes. Stop at 47.
ü  A jar of pickles makes all the difference.
ü  If you know someone that shoots down all your ideas, keep them close to you.

Satire? Indeed. Hint of truth? Maybe. Sad but true? Yes.

Has success eluded me at times? Not for a lack of vigorous seeking and learning. Odds were always improving and in my favor.

I shared with an individual that I wrote a novel, a Fantastic Fictional Wild West Tale. His response: “My uncle wrote 35 westerns, not one of them got published.”

In January, my first novel received a contract.

Be careful in selecting your source of advice. Was it 35 failed novels, or a failed attempt to push forward and learn everything necessary to promote himself and his work? Was everything put in such a manner to cultivate his brand?

Writing turned out to be easy in my journey. However, to take on the grand task of fine-tuning that one sentence, not so much. The one sentence that would set the hook, in the event, that one editor or many customers would consider spending a minute or two reading on. Everything happens in the first 20 seconds. Sorry.
What was that sentence, Dave?
Good question, in future posts I will put some of my examples up. The thing is you need an arsenal of them.
Make a decision, commit to it and look at yourself as Jackie Chan putting the smack down on 100 less than positive acquaintances’. V8 commercials bring a smile.

Take notice of marketing that gets your attention. Dissect it, why did it work?
Keep track of what you tried, tweak, tweak and re-tweak, hone your skills and keep trying.

“Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.”
George Edward Woodberry

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