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The Art of Laughter

Laughter is a Wonderful Method of Communication
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The Art of Laughter
In parenthood, it’s called distraction. Baby cries, effort focused on diversion, alter the child’s attention and focus.

In youth my son, as many do, would wake up in the middle of the night terrorized by a monster. Resolution so simple, Golf ball! Yes, golf ball; it is a known fact that monsters have an extreme dislike of golf balls.

“The next time it appears, Son, you make sure the intruder understands you have a golf ball and intend to use it and that his presence can no longer be tolerated.”

In hindsight, I see a small drawback to that one. It did succeed in terminating the monster. However, if the child would have determined to throw the golf ball, the vacuum cleaner would be running to remove reminisce of the hallway lamp. It would have been a small price to pay for his peace of mind.

Much later, the child became a talented football player. A florescent green golf ball was located on the top shelf of a certain defensive end’s locker.
To this day, the “Golf Ball” stands for overcoming.

Who is the Monster now?


Gallagher, the famous comedian known for his method in the destruction of melons, made many laugh uncontrollably. A large sledgehammer made out of a tree stump. Fans brought raincoats and tarps, willing to see yet not wear the show.

Just smashing fruit, keep it simple, Eh?


During my time as a youth leader, I utilized Pratfalls and controlled destruction of inanimate objects to entertain and teach. The years past and I would hear tales from the parents of now grown students still making mention of those days. 
I saw miracles in them. Walls torn down, shyness dissolved, participation and even re-enactments on talent nights.

I will tell you, there is no greater honor than watching your students re-enacting something you have done.

We focus so hard on our goals, reading, learning, writing, stressful moments and the occasional AAAAAAAAAA! Moments.

Laughter is necessary, find a comedy club, or watch John Cleese and his series Fawlty Towers.

Monty Python, Benny Hill, Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, and A young Jim Carrey is untouchable.

Laugh until you cry and laugh some more.
Be careful, it is contagious.
Have a Great Day! 
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