Monday, August 20, 2012

5 Ways to Handle the Empty Nest Transformation

A SlantedK Production
To some, the possibility of an empty nest is but a distant dream, to others a fear, yet there are those who are entering in. I am of the latter.
In many discussions with others in my circles, I would hear. “30 is the new 18.”

Well, this last father’s day my eldest son moved on to his own apartment. Both boys have begun their new journey. Wow what a difference.

This did come with a drastic change. It was not just him, it included his girlfriend and a child, my G-Baby. All have seen endless photos, yet I will again share the latest portrait in this Blog. J

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“Yeah, Dave, is it true, can one truly move to the next stage?”
“Yes, yes it is. I can help ya do it, SlantedK style.”

Now, just in case we have new visitors, I have no doctorate in psychology, nor am I a doctor. I have simply walked the walk for 23 years.

Let’s get to the point, eh.
1.      Pants are no longer necessary. How many of you take your shoes off when the door clicks shut? Well, now shoes are not the only thing at the door. You got it, my pants are right there too. Before you go to the fridge to grab your beverage, or hug the one you love, the pants are off and freedom wraps your soul.
2.      It is now ok to leave a spoon in the peanut butter jar. Yup, my jar my spoon. No pants and a quick fix of peanut butter any time one feels necessary. “How does that work?” Well before, it would cause strife. “Who the hell left the spoon in the peanut butter?” No response, then the night would be filled with a dissertation why this is a practice best if ceased. No one else in the house, Sue knows it is I and that is the end of it. A roll of the eyes sure, how can she stay mad? I have no pants on, eh? J
3.      The couch. Now, this one might take many back to high school dating. You got it, the door doesn’t need to be bolted, and silence, ‘just in case’ the kids can hear, no more. Nope, the couch is more than a place to watch NASCAR and nap. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more.
4.      Music. You can play it as loud and often as you want with zero need to explain to the kids that there is other music out there than…
5.      Movies. This one may blend point one, however the reality is, point one is part of the success of the remaining. Movies; with no pants, eating peanut butter, drinking your favorite beverage, on “the couch” watching whatever movie you want, with no vote, no, “that’s stupid.”

Simple, yes, why not, when the time comes for you, the truth is, it’s earned. 
You earned it!

  • Will there be mixed emotions? Yes.
  • Visitation means they will also go.
  • Does this work with daughters?
  • Can’t say. I don’t see why not.
I tell ya what. There will be times when the kids will be out, you know it will be late before they get home. Just try it. Take your pants off and give it a test run. Then it hits. You like not wearing pants, they need to find an apartment. Laugh? Try it, just sayin’

To my peeps:
This week I received an anonymous comment. 
You know who you are, Texas. 

I promised G-Baby Keleigh

Thanks for Stopping In!

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