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Developing Your eBook Sales Page

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Developing Your Brand.
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Are you applying Blog Marketing Tips to your eBook Sales page?

“eBook sales page?”

Exactly, this week I have been researching and working on a Social Media & Brand Building eBook. I read in-between my day job, writing, blogging, texting, tweeting, pinterest and editing so please forgive, this is a paraphrase. In that research, I came across a thought provoking question.

How many authors are simply ripping the back cover from their books and dropping it into their “pitch” or blog?

I am guilty across the board on this. Not only have I done so, I have also done the same with my “about author.” In blogging algorithms with Google, it is critical we do not duplicate entries at different locations. It is a no-no.

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Reading that question I realized I was not applying the same to my book promotion. Keep in mind, my book is in edit with the publisher, I am working to get everything in line for release. However, that does not mean one cannot retool their current brand.

An eBook Sales Page is as Critical as a Book Cover; they support each other. A blog needs a grabber headline and a grabber first line to improve bounce rate. What?
Bounce Rate Metric - It measures the percentage of people who see only one page of your site. People, who arrive, look and leave. * ZMOT - Zero Moment of Truth Google, a free marketing eBook.

Laymen terms: 
You want people to stay, read and purchase. 
Then tell others. Yes?

Let me put it this way. When someone asks about your book do you have a 15-30 second blurb prepared?  Or, do you notice that while you are sharing your most inner thoughts on the book/blog the eyes of the recipient of your dissertation begin to glaze over?
Be honest.
I noticed this last weekend when someone inquired about my book. I finished the pitch of my awesome book, I felt stupid. There was no interest. Hell, I had no interest. I tripped and blundered through it.

Everything needs to be in line: The back cover, the sales page, trailer and the verbal pitch.
In today’s market, it is not enough to be just a “Published/Indi Author.” We have to study and be versed in Marketing, Blogging, Branding and Advertising.

The good news is, the very social media we participate in supports all the information we need to make leaps forward. Time is the investment.

Here is a place to start. Five Keys to Writing Great eBook Sales Pages 

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