Friday, August 3, 2012

Is Your Web Site Keeping Up?

Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, LinkedIn... 
Is your site helping you manage all your tasks?
A SlantedK Production

Can your visitors see all that you have going on in one place?

I have been tossing notes out on Twitter about this topic. 
I am a New Author, 
I am a New Blogger, 
I read all the tips and instructions. 
We all strive to employ all the tips out there to market our brand. 
Now I find myself limited by my site. I am looking into a site that will do these things. 

Here is a good article. When is the right time to invest in your blog.

Facebook, Twitter and Blogs all displayed at the same place? 
(Over simplified because I am over simplified).
My site is in the infant stage, however there are samples of what I seek. 
If I am seeking such then I figure there are others out there.
As I progress, the blog will share, eh.

Take note of the bottom of this page.

The Latest Presentation 

Hey, Dave we see ya tossing this 3rd Party Media Alliance around on a regular basis. 
Yeah, it is so. If one finds something worthy of promotion, do we not promote?
Good point.
I believe in sharing the love.
And yes, the all new SlantedK will soon be on this platform. 

 We are in a World Market, does your site translate?

As always,
 SlantedK Visitors are the Best
I tip my hat to Ya'll.
I Appreciate it Guyz.

And now for something different, eh.

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