Sunday, January 15, 2012

DMK: Seasons

A boy plays ball every waking moment. Worries absent, innocence of youth abounds, freedom and joy.
A boy becomes a man, the world of firsts overwhelms, a kiss, a sweetheart’s hug, breaking up and making up.
A man becomes a husband, the wedding, life anew, love blossoms into a completely new world.
A husband becomes a father, constant course changes, adapt, react, no maps, no GPS, the heart and soul guides.
Events blur the mind’s eye, devastation and elation. Unconditional love a must, no crystal ball, love charts the course, sustains.
A Son learns to ride a bike, parent teacher conferences, late nights in the emergency room, Disney World, and the biggest smile in the world.
Tears and fear, laughter and delight, are necessary building blocks for the unknown things ahead.
A Son becomes a man, driver’s license, more trips to the emergency room, heartache, and the growing pains of youthful disruption, fitting in or standing alone.
A parent loves and aches in observation, wishes to protect, knows too well the pain, can’t stop, can’t shield, can’t explain, love again is the only way.
Decisions hard, complicated, second-guessing, right or wrong unknown, time will be the cost of such knowledge.
Graduation, cheers, superstar, shooting star, a parent knows, been there, again, only a spectator as the young boy is now a man.
The father prays that the journey has not been meaningless, and the honor and strength felt inside has found its way to the bloodline.
Once a boy, the light turned on, the mirror gazed into, the youth of the soul meets the reality of the gray.
The hourglass stops for no one. The seasons know no person, makes no exception, every day new. The future certain, the destination unknown, and the paths will be many.
Fight regret, battle the voices, stand and step forward.
Unconditional Love, in every season.

"Un-Complicate, loosen up, today is a new day if one can release yesterday to the winds.” DMK.
Author of From the Ashes

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