Wednesday, July 4, 2012

SlantedK 4th of July Cookout.

Dave's July 4th Mandatory Meal Preparation.

Start by roasting some fresh garlic, and pouring your favorite beverage.
Pull out the NY Strip Steak, cut small slits and in each slit push in a small chunk of roasted garlic.
(If roasted with a touch of olive oil the finished clove will have the consistency of butter).

Dry rub the steak to your hearts desire, set in the fridge to marinate in it's own juices.

Red Potatoes, cut to quarters, coat in olive oil, basil, minced garlic, chopped onion, mix and cover.
Slam the remainder of the drink and refresh.

Fire up the grill.
Corn on the Cob and the potatoes go on at the same time.
50 minutes and a few more beverages later, put the steaks on.
Once complete cover the potatoes with Parmesan cheese.
Husk the corn.
Make sure to let the steak stay for a hand-full of minutes. (Want the juice in it not under it, eh).
Pour a fresh drink, plate the meal, enjoy!
Happy 4th!

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