Sunday, May 20, 2012

SlantedK's Sunday Book Feature-Rama!

Now, I know what your thinking. "SlantedK is partial to Westerns."
Well ya got me there, however, sales at #2 on Kindle says a little doesn't it?
Daniel is a fellow author at Solstice Publishing, and as emphasized in the last post,
It is possible to succeed ;^)  
The future is in our hands !

"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did." - Newt Gingrich 

Climbing the charts at Kindle this week, 
"The Long Shooters" Stepped up to #2!
Congratulations Daniel! 

In the grinding death mill of the trenches of Petersburg, Virginia, in the closing days of the Civil War, a Union sharpshooter – a “long-shooter” named Ballou – emerges as the best sniper in a war where wholesale slaughter became the norm. Ballou perfected the art of the judicious killer. His ability with his cherished Stephens target rifle is legendary, making a nearly miraculous shot that no one else – North or South – could accomplish. After the war, he disappears…

Dan Chamberlain, former a police officer, Chief of Police and Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations where he broke the largest black market ring in post World War II Europe.  After retiring from the Air Force, Dan became Director of Security for a multi-national corporation.  He has also been a successful “Feature” contributor for national circulation firearms magazines.
Combining his love of history and the old west, with his investigative skills, Dan has crafted a frontier murder mystery that will satisfy lovers of traditional westerns, and detective fiction.

And now for something totally different!
A personal favorite of DMK.

Thanks for Stopping in, eh!

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