Friday, May 11, 2012

The Mother is a Mighty Warrior.

Mothers Day

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Life itself is a crazy rollercoaster, and then parenthood begins. Still a rollercoaster, just much more intense, more loops, higher peeks, lower dips and all consuming.
My wife Sue is approaching her 23rd Mothers Day. The challenges many, the ride long, however I know, as a mother she is golden. Now a Grandmother the course of nature has not wavered. 
The best tip for “new” mothers, don’t wish the years away.
…Can’t wait until she holds her own bottle, can’t wait until she crawls, can’t wait until she walks, or says her first words…

I will tell you this, the years will blow by, and you will stare at the empty nest and wonder where it all went. Enjoy each day, take it in, and understand a child is only a reflection of Mom and Dad.

A Mother will give up everything for her child; she will sacrifice all and not think twice. With full knowledge that her efforts and persistence will go un-noticed, she continues to love. It is hard to put into words, she knows and accepts there are many times the children will ignore all that’s been taught and yet she will stand in wait, to provide comfort.

Try as they may, intentionally and unintentionally the children will test every thread of patients and nerve of a Mother. They cannot prevail; the Mother is the ultimate warrior.

A Mother will set aside her desire to many a situation and smile. 

When the time comes to apply tough love, she will suffer internally for days. (Or take it out on paw).

A Mother, now a Grandmother, must step aside and have the strength to allow the child to parent. Decades of experience in her apron, yet she must bite her tongue and let the next generation learn on the run, as she did. Just as a child becomes a teen and somehow knows everything and surpasses the parent in knowledge, (so they think,) it is the same as a Grandparent. She wants to protect her baby from the tortures of life, to shield from the heartache, however she knows it is the very thing that makes a mother the warrior they will become.

Still with that said, we know a Mother, would love to slap them silly repeatedly, yet will not.
To be a Mother, immeasurable difficulties will be the norm, however there is equal pleasure and joy. I can see no other task that can touch what a Mother will experience in a lifetime.

I tip my hat to all mums; you are over worked and underappreciated and will not hesitate to get up and do it again tomorrow.
That includes you Susan, Luv Ya Babe.
Happy Mother’s Day to all, and to all, Thank You.
 A SlantedK Production 
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