Thursday, March 1, 2012


By: DMK 
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At the top of this blog, one may notice the awesome photo. It is a great location right here in Southern Arizona. The current picture is a place called Seven Falls, a grand hike indeed, when you get to the end of the trail and look left that is what you will see.

The desert is beautiful, sunrises, sunsets, the mountains purple transformation as the sun departs for the dark night and some of the brightest stars you will ever see appear like diamonds.
A quiet afternoon, February 29, leap year, the day that happens every four years. Sunny, 65 degrees, and a stay at home Mom naps, the baby quiet, moments that any parent knows to be golden. Silence shattered, the dogs erupt into frenzy. Sleep broken, dazed she steps out of her tranquility ready to address the dog’s lack of cooperation.

Shock and fear, a chill rolls down her back; the dogs are crazy for a reason. Looking through the back patio door the cause of the chaos is eerily clear. Four unknown individuals stand in the yard, one intruder begins to enter the dogs area, tattered and dirty, fear escalates, the stay at home Mom panics, phone call to the father - she needs help.

He responds, “CALL 911 - NOW!”

The call was made, support was in route, she tried to calm the dogs; the intruders turned and altered their intentions. The dogs would not calm, the pressure was real, try not to panic, but how, home alone, baby in her crib, and four of them out there out of sight.  

The Calvary arrived; the Sheriff’s department, Paramedics, and Border Patrol converged on our little quiet cul-de-sac. Mom tended to immediately; her well-being was the first concern. The Sheriff and Border Patrol Officers began their search of the area. 

Apache Black Hawk flies overhead.

Moment’s later officers walk out of the state land that runs adjacent to our home. Holding tight to the arm of a one shoed, hand cuffed, husky individual, it was the one that had every intention to enter. 

Sleeping bags, empty water bottles and “other” items found. More time passed, the other three missing, unable to locate, gone into the mesquite trees.

The situation was controlled, the information disseminated by the very helpful law enforcement: 
“There has been reports by our neighbors of attempted break-ins in the last week. One neighbor, two doors down put their house on the market.”

Confirmed to be an Illegal Alien; the issue real, not out there somewhere, right here right now. One might say living on the border provides some risks. Yes, that is true; however, we live east of Tucson, 75 miles north of the border.

  • Why is it I hear from politicians that we are safe and that zealous Americans are just being prejudice and exaggerate the issue?  
  • Why was it essential to advise a stay at home Mom to the necessity of learning how to shoot?
  • Why do I have to put on my holster, check my Revolver, and walk the yard when the dogs go off?
  • Why do I have to call my neighbors to tell them that three more are still out there right now?
  • Why do I have to climb on my roof with a pair of binoculars to see if I can spot any other signs of intruders?
  • Why does this child need armed guards?

  • For votes, is it that simple?
  • Don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings?

It is not a far stretch to have an alternative ending to this very real tale. 
Do I need to spell it out? 
Here, I will make it quick and simple.

No call to the father, no call to 911, the father comes home to a tossed house and two bodies.

Why do I have to write this?



  1. Unfortunately this incident is not an isolated incident either.

    Recently they reopened portions of Organ Pipe National Park to the public. These portions have been closed and restricted since a ranger was shot and killed by illegals in 2002. In order to tour these formerly restricted areas you must take a safety classes and are then escorted by armed guards who wear kevlar protection. There is no kevlar for the tourist.

  2. Regarding the trip through the Organ Pipe National Park, maybe folks should plan their trips elsewhere- where it is indeed safe. If the Park loses too much money, they can just shut it down, if the state or local authorities aren't going to do anything sane about it.

    Illegals are desperate to get into our country. They will try anything, and I guess murder isn't beyond their grasp. Of course I don't think all illegals or trespassers are killers, but they are wanting something that is supposed to be deemed illegal. But then everyone jokes about the fact that laws were meant to be broken! Sad!

  3. You're aware that this sort of thing happens whether it's illegals committing it or not, right? This can occur in any relatively isolated area, not just near the borders. Might be interesting to see what proportion of home invasions are carried out by illegal immigrants as opposed to citizens - I'd say probably not out of proportion to the percentage of illegals in the populace as a whole.

    Not that I'm not saying that we shouldn't be concerned about immigration or keeping an eye on who gets into this country, but this kind of paranoid Teabagger "FEAR THE EVIL ILLEGALS" nonsense doesn't help make the discussion more rational.

    1. This is a true story, I hope, be it a criminal of any status, that you will not experience such. I am not bashing, I am educating. You have the right to your opinion. I have mine.

    2. The first Anonymous is obviously another bleeding-heart liberal who cares more about political correctness than the lives and property of fellow Americans. The illegal alien problem has been ignored by people like "Anon 1" for far too many years because they don't have the guts to do what is right and just. The Teabagger comment proves once again that conservatives believe what they see, and liberals see what they believe.I suppose the discussion would be more "rational" if we allow people to die rather than identify the real problem.
      Anonymous 2

    3. I agree completely. It seems that since my daughter and I didn't. Get hurt that it is fine that these illegals were trying to enter our home. But if we were to get hurt then it would become the governments fault. The main concern of mine was to make sure my daughter was safe and protected as well as myself. If in order to protect her and I means I have to break down and use a gun so be it u can guarantee I would not hesitate.

  4. I am saddened that because nothing bad happened to this Mom we get tagged as such by "Anonymous". Just because crime "happens" I should not have concern nor have an opinion?
    Or I should just go somewhere else? Be it a shoot out in the streets of Chicago, or a walk in a national forest. Is this not America? Crime happens, good call.

  5. Many sites have anonymous people who hit and run with their opinions. Some folks hide in caves away from others like nothing is happening in life, when it happens all around us and we all have a right to report and display it. Too much lawlessness in America and it's getting worse. Not everyone over the border is out to break the law; it's true.
    I applaud them, and I applaud others who preserve their Constitutional right to bear arms - to protect their family and babies.

    If I were an illegal, I would be anonymous here, so you would never know who you were dealing with - or whose opinion you were listening to.

  6. Yes, crimes happen everywhere, proven by the news every day. However, there are some areas of the country that are dealing with an ADDITIONAL burden of an illegal population whose mindset is not on following the laws. While many illegal immigrants are just trying to survive, there are MANY whose intent is not legal and their values do not match ours. Life is not valued by those with illegal intent

    Many factors influence the point of view of those living close to the border. Violent crimes are abundant including carjacking, property damage, environmental damage, home invasion, human and drug smuggling is just a portion of the issue. These crimes are brutal, violent and often result in death. They also increase living expenses for citizen residing there.

    I support DMK in his view and hope that they do not have a repeat experience. Take care of your family and your property and know there are people supporting you and the state of Arizona in your daily struggle.

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  8. I have to voice my opinion this is about myself and my 3month old daughter. I hate to say this but being a stay at home mom my first concern is making sure my daughter and myself are ok. The thing is I have never liked firearm's and hate the thought that in order to keep my daughter and myself safe I must become someone who has to handle a firearm. Why is it that they say the border is safe and that they can guarantee that they have come up with a great way to cut down on illegals but yet we live 75miles from the border and they are in my back yard trying to get in the fenced in dog area to get to the house? Safe huh doesn't seem that way to me. But its not that big of a deal right?,because myself and daughter are safe. To those out there that believe that happened to my daughter and I is ok you are very wrong and would not think that way if it would have happened to yourself or your child.

  9. Hey DMK, I also live in AZ and I support what you are saying 100%. I understand others concerns about "it's not always the illegals that cause all this trouble" and that is true, but we HAVE to deal with American or folks here legally that are robbers, murderers, rapers, gang members, and kidnappers. We should not have to deal with illegals who do these things in our state or country. Rarely does a day go by that I don't hear of some tragedy that has happened and an illegal is involved,(and that's only in AZ). It certainly does sway one's thinking!